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Osteopaths and Physiotherapists : How to choose the appropriate medical furniture ?

You are going to install your medical practice or you just need some advices to choose a quality medical furniture ? You are at the good place for useful tips !

For Osteopaths and Physiotherapists in installation progress, you have to first think to an important step : the choice of your practice ! Its appearance, access ( for elderly and disabled patients) but also its location are very important and should not be overlooked. Indeed, to develop as soon as possible your activity and increase your reputation, we advise you to settle in a city where your network is already set and where you will be able to rely on the word to mouth  thanks to your acquaintance.

But what are the criterias to not neglect in your medical furniture’s choice ? Generally, the main criterias to consider for a good quality medical furnitures are :

The brand
The brand will have an essential role into your daily routine. Indeed a product from a leader brand on the market will ensure reliability, duration of your equipment and well-being of your patient, as in Carina Medical !

The price
A quality furniture require a significant investment. As a matter of fact, the price of it will vary depending of the product’s quality and its functionalities. A product that combine all these criterias will be more expensive than a basic product. For a comfortable, reliable and durable product, it’s better to invest a bit.

Depending of your trade, the needed functionalities may differ and be specialised depending of the requirements of each practitioner. So you need to think about this : Which functionalities will be the more adapt to my patient’s well-being ? To my activity ? Do I need a table with electrical height adjustment or with fixed height ? Which accessories will be needed to exerce my activity ? Then you will find the product that matches the more to your needs. 

Osteopaths and Physiotherapists : How to choose the appropriate medical furniture ?

Design aspects
It’s important to take in consideration the well-being of your patients. For this, you have to choose a comfortable equipment. Further more, the well-being of your patients will ensure a good consultation, even for you. A satisfied patient will come back for sure and will talk about you around him, so please think about his well-being !

And of course our key advice : Choose “Made in France” materials. This value is more and more searched, for good reasons, first guarantee of quality both for the raw materials and also for the quality of manufacturing.

Osteopaths and Physiotherapists : How to choose the appropriate medical furniture ?
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