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French company of medical furniture manufacturing

The company CARINA is a family business, created in 1972 by Mr. and Mrs. DESPLACE. It has always been committed to manufacture and develop medical furniture in FRANCE.
French company of medical furniture manufacturing

Carina medical | French manufacture of medical and aesthetic furniture

Originally known as « Etablissements DESPLACE », the company is specialized in the tube industry. It’s in 1978 that the firm changes its name and is becoming the SARL CARINA.

Thanks to work, innovation and in order to answer to a growing demand, the company design its first products for the Aesthetic and Medical fields, in addition to its original activity of tubular products manufacturing.
2 years later, the first examination couch from CARINA is created : The reference 224. This innovative product has the particularity to be declined in several colors. It’s a big new step in the market, where the black color was the reference.

Twenty years after, Fabien DESPLACE is joining the family business with the aim of a new dynamic. It’s at this period that the company initially based in Villeurbanne ( Close to Lyon, in France), is moving to new facilities in Guéreins ( 45 minutes from there). Production and work offices are grouped on the same place. This new geographic location, close to big communication axis ( highways, railway stations and airports) is an important advantage. The integration of a painting chain for new generation epoxy powder is also an improvement for the company’s responsiveness.

In 2004, CARINA obtains the certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. These ones confirm the product’ quality and services of the company.

For all these years, the company CARINA MEDICAL has been designing and manufacturing in its french factory, medical furniture for private cabinets, Analysis laboratories, Public and private hospitals and individuals.
Carina - Entrepot
Histoire - Carina


  1. Birth of « Etablissements DESPLACE »

    First factory outing for the Peugeot 104 car.

  2. Launch of the first medical examination couch CARINA

    Victory of B. HINAULT on the Cycling Tour of France.

  3. Fabien DESPLACE, son of Mr. And Mrs DESPLACE, join the company and the firm is moving to Guéreins

    France is football world’s champion for the first time.

  4. CARINA is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

    Inauguration of the Millau viaduct, the highest bridge in the world.

Carina - Engagement

Our engagements

Today, eco-citizenship is progressing and with it, the global awareness that everyone can contribute at his level to a better balance for the planet.
Our company is engaged to find improvement solutions to participate to our environnement’s respect with transparency values.
We favor 100% recyclable materials with existing and viables supply chains. All our production is respecting strict specifications in order to put in place a sustainable developement process for manufacturing but also for product’s packing.
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Since 1st January 2013, all physical or moral person who is manufacturing, importing or putting on the market, professional furniture elements must handle the treatment waste collection related to these end of life products.
Logo Ecosystem
Nonprofit eco-organization, this company is working to develop repair, reuse, decontamination and recycling of electric equipments, bulbs and small extinguisher
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CARINA MEDICAL in some numbers

<div class="waw-chi waw-chi2">50</div> years of existence
years of existence
More than <div class="waw-chi waw-chi4">300</div> product’s references
More than
product’s references
Distribution in <div class="waw-chi waw-chi3">50</div> countries
Distribution in
Turn over of <div class="waw-chi waw-chi1">4,5</div> Millions Euros
Turn over of
Millions Euros
<div class="waw-chi waw-chi5">18</div> salariés
Service Client Carina

Our expertise

For nearly 50 years, we put our expertise at the service of our customers, with the aim to adapt to all the requirements of medical environment, innovate and answer at our best to meet your expectations.
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